Charting a Course for Success

A well conceived business plan not only is essential for charting the proper course of your company, but also enables banks and investors to fully understand the scope of your business. This plan helps financial institutions assess how they can best assist you in implementing your strategic vision. Our staff will help you develop a plan and, if necessary, act as a financial liaison to lending institutions. We’re always available to answer any questions you might have along the way. In the short term, we’ll help you develop detailed monthly budgets and examine how your actual results measure up against your business plan and budget. In the long term, we’ll work with you to establish 3-5 year goals and generate a plan for continued success and stability.

Making Sense of It All

Setting up your accounting systems and procedures can be a daunting task. We’ll assist you with determining correct pricing structures, setting up and maintaining your books, and demonstrate how to properly analyze key data to determine profitability. In addition, we’ll help you determine the best method to generate cash flow. The majority of new business failures occur because of cash flow problems, not lack of profit. We’ll help you understand how to generate enough cash flow to operate your business at the optimal level for your business plan. We prepare customized, compiled, reviewed and proforma financial statements as needed. We can assist you in developing a payroll system, and set up payment plans for all quarterly tax returns and statements. When you’re ready to expand, whether it’s buying or leasing new equipment or adding a new employee, we’ll help you examine all of the information to make the right decision for the growth of your company.

Tax Time

We prepare all corporate, partnership, individual, and estate tax returns on a timely basis. More importantly, we are skilled and experienced at generating tax saving ideas. One of our primary goals is to save you money, and to that end we aim to provide sound, proactive tax planning to minimize the tax consequences of business and personal events.